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CV Joint Boot Replacements

Checking and replacing your CV boots is a relatively easy and low cost procedure. However, if you don't do regular checks and replacements, the boots will eventually fail and lead to the rapid deterioration of the CV joints. CV joints can't be repaired and therefore must be replaced. Preventative maintenance of your CV boots will save you money in the long run.

  Our service includes;

  • Inspection of CV boots and joints
  • Replacement of CV boots if required
  • Replacement of CV joints if required

The CV boots consist of a rubber pouch that goes over the CV joint to protect it from dirt, water and the elements that it would otherwise be exposed to under the car. The boot also contains a generous serving of grease to lubricate the joint. The boot is fixed on either end with a metal strip known as a ‘boot clamp' which keeps the boots sealed tightly to the drive shaft casing.

Most cars use ‘ball type' CV joints which use balls to transfer the energy from the driveshaft at one angle, to the wheel at another angle (while turning). The animation below shows a simplified version of this mechanism in action.




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