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Brake Service & Repairs

It helps when your brakes work well! You should get in touch at the first sign of trouble.  Bring your car in and your brake problems will be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

  Brake services may include a variety of things, such as;

  • Tightening, fixing, replacing brake linings
  • Drain and refill brake fluid
  • Reparation brake lining
  • Inspection of brake boosters
  • Reparation brake cylinders
  • Emergency brake testing & repair
  • Full brake repair or replacement 

The hydraulics transfers and multiplies the force of the brake when you push the pedal down. If your brakes have been unresponsive it could be because of a leak in the hydraulics. 

Another related issue could be the master cylinder. The master cylinder actually splits the pressure from the lever. This pressure is moved into two separate systems. But if you have a defective master cylinder you may begin to notice no braking. You need to get the master cylinder inspected soon.

You need brakes! call on us at the first signs of trouble! 



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