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Car Air Conditioning

Whether it is bad smells, annoying noises, hot air, or no air, Goodwins can help. We see hundreds of faulty air conditioners each year, giving us the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix your problem in the least time and at the best price for you.

  Our car air conditioning services include (as required);

  • Inspection and testing of all parts
  • Fan and drive belt
  • Re-gas 

Some of the common problems we encounter are;

  • Loose or stretched fan belt - commonly causes a squealing noise
  • Refrigerant gets low or runs out - results in the air not being cold (often referred to as needing a ‘re-gas')
  • Electrical problems, particularly with the fan, evaporator and condenser - can cause a range of problems including the air conditioner not working at all
  • Evaporator drain becomes blocked - water can sit in the drain and algae can grow which causes bad smells in the car 
  • Some problems can be fixed relatively easily, such as refitting the fan belt or re-gassing the refrigerant. Other problems require some more time consuming repairs and/or replacement of broken and faulty parts.




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