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When you have issues with your car's clutch, you may hear some noise coming from your clutch when you're trying to change gear, you could be slipping out of gear, or you could have just attained so many miles that your clutch is due for service.

Goodwins can address a whole variety of clutch service issues:

  • Noises from your clutch
  • Clutch slipping in and out of gear
  • Car not attaining proper speed from "loose" clutch
  • Clutch not releasing when the pedal is depressed
  • Total clutch/clutch pedal service for older cars

A car which won't properly accelerate may have a faulty clutch. 

Maybe you can't even get the car in gear without there being some noise. If there is a grinding, whirring or some other noise you could be having major clutch issues. This is particularly common if your car is older or has been in a lot of stop and go traffic. Also, if your car has been driven by a new or inexperienced driver that can be a clutch issue.

All equipment eventually breaks down. Even if your car is not old, if any of these issues sound like problems your car is having you may want to bring them in to be dealt with by a clutch specialist at Goodwins.




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