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Exhaust System Repairs

Exhaust system issues can manifest themselves as mufflers which are no longer quieting the sounds of the exhaust system, catalytic converters which have failed to convert the emissions or expansion chambers which are not providing the fuel cylinders with enough air pressure. 


Getting to Know Your Exhaust System

We like to try to explain vehicle issues to our customers! Getting to know your exhaust system will help you understand what is causing the issue and what needs to be done to fix it. Some common exhaust system issues include: 

  • Catalyst Poisoning: The catalytic converter can become contaminated by build-up from lead or silicone. This stops the proper functioning and removal of emissions. 
  • Lack of Efficiency: If the manifold is not working correctly there will be a decrease in fuel efficiency. 
  • Loud Noises: When the muffler, exhaust pipe or cat back pipes are broken due to rust or wear and tear they will not silence the exhaust and there will be loud reverberation. 

For solutions to these issues and any other repairs your vehicle needs, contact us!



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