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Ignition Systems Services

When your car will not start it can ruin your day.  When this happens you need a mechanic who you can trust to get the job done quickly and correctly. 

  • We have the tools and skills to get the best job done.
  • Our mechanics are locals and we value our reputation. 

  Some of the Ignition System Services We Offer

  • Spark Plug Wire Replacement
  • Distributer Cap Cleaning and Replacement
  • Rotor Repair
  • High Voltage Coil Lead Replacement
  • Ignition Signal Sensor Replacement
  • Spark Plug Check and Replacement
  • Battery Check and Replacement
  • Compression Chamber Replacement
  • Centrifugal Advance Timing Adjustment
  • Distributerless Ignition Service
  • Ignition Switch Replacement

  Understanding Your Ignition System

We feel our clients should be in the know as well, so here are a few key terms to learn when dealing with ignition system issues:

  • Distributer Cap: Cover for the area which houses the rotor and brings together different spark plug wires
  • High Voltage Coil Lead: The lead wire which connects the ignition to the distributer
  • Ignition Signal Sensor: Electronic sensor which handles to timing from the vehicles computer
  • Compression Chamber: Encases the piston, fuel and spark plugs.
  • Vacuum Advance: Timing point which helps to determine the speed of the spark plug ignition
  • Alternator: Generates the electric current from the battery which lights the spark plugs

If your car has a slow ignition or will not start at all, call us today!


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