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  Why do I need my Coolant Changed?

The role of coolant in your car is twofold. The most obvious task performed by the coolant is to cool your engine by transferring excess heat to the radiator where it can be dissipated into the air. The second, less obvious, task is to protect the various parts of the cooling system with anti corrosion chemicals. 

As the coolant ages, it loses its ability to protect the engine and transfer heat, eventually reaching a point where damage can be done to your engine or cooling system. If you haven't had your coolant changed in some time or you are experiencing problems with your radiator or engine heat, we suggest you give as a call and book your vehicle in for a service.

  What other problems can my cooling system get?

Aside from your coolant, your car's cooling system includes the radiator and radiator hoses which can suffer from some problems, including;

  • Radiator cap wear & tear leading to leaks
  • Radiator fan faults and failures leading to air not being circulated to dissipate the heat
  • Radiator hose cracks and wear leading to leaks
  • Erosion of radiator from rust and rust accumulation

If you notice any problems with your car's temperature or cooling system, get it checked out by our qualified mechanics today.




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