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Vehicle Inspections & Certificates

Goodwins Garage can provide professional inspections of your vehicle. We provide inspections for;

  • Safety checks in line with DVLS requirements
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • "Safety and peace of mind" e.g. prior to long trips
  • Warranty expiration inspection

   Pre-DVLS checks

If you are worried about an older vehicle possibly not passing a DVLS check, then bring it to us first. Traffic Police in Jersey are increasingly ordering DVLS checks on older cars. You can avoid problems if we check your vehicle first.

  Pre-purchase inspections

Make sure you are not purchasing a headache! Bring your proposed purchase to us BEFORE you buy it.

  Safety and Peace of Mind

This is especially relevant if you are planning a long trip soon, perhaps a family holiday.

  Warranty Expiration Inspection

You might like to get your car inspected just before your warranty expires to make sure everything is in working order.





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