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Wheel Bearing Services

When you are experiencing wheel bearing issues, driving begins to be unsafe.

  Goodwins Wheel Bearing Services

  • Bearing Replacement
  • Lug Bolt Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Wheel Rim Replacement
  • Thrust Bearing Replacement
  • Front Race Set Replacement
  • Outer Race Set Replacement
  • Centre Race Set Replacement
  • Roller Thrust Bearing Replacement
  • Spindle or Upright Repair
  • Greasing of the Bearings
  • Hub Assembly Repair
  • Dust Shield Repair
  • Sealant Repair

  Wheel Bearing System Glossary

If you want to understand the bearing systems, the following might help: Some of the common parts of the wheel bearing system include:

  • Hub Assembly: Connects the physical plate of the wheel to the drive axle.
  • Steering Knuckle: Carries the hub and attaches to the vehicle’s suspension. 
  • Bearings: Small, perfectly round metal balls which help the wheels smoothly rotate.
  • Wheel Rim: Holds the tire on the wheel.
  • Front, Outer, Centre Race Set: Factory set of bearing with proper lubrication, sealed before installation.



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