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Family Run, Great Reputation

Peugeot Specialist

We are one of Jersey's most highly recommended garages

 * Exceptional value
 * Outstanding Work
 * Customer Service

Andy Goodwin

Andy trained at the main Peugeot factory in Coventry and worked at several Peugeot main dealerships before starting Goodwins Garage in 2004

He is a superb technician and leads a busy team at the garage. He is also a Peugeot specialist.

Between them, the Goodwins team has 1000's of hours experience on modern vehicle systems.

"We value our reputation and our customers goodwill"

Why Choose Goodwins?

   Make an appointment, we can tell you:

*  what is wrong
*  how we can fix it
*  how long it will take
*  how much it will cost

  There is no charge for appointments

  Whether it is major work, preventive maintenance or a scheduled log book service, we can look after your car.  

   Since opening in 2004  we have built up a wide base of regular customers by:

  *  honest practice
  *  delivering our best
  *  respecting our customers
  *  giving good value
  *  retaining only experienced technicians

A courtesy car is available while we are working on your vehicle.

  Our Care Saves You Money

We know many of our customers well, so we keep an eye on their vehicles over time. Our careful recording of work carried out and service cautions means we can often give advance warning of avoidable expense.

   Bringing your car to us will:

  * Keep your car working safely
  * Save you money at the pump
  * Extend the life of your vehicle
  * Maximise resale value
  * Help to maintain your new car warranty

We will always infom you of all costs in advance and never undertake extra work without consulting you.

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