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Simple Savers

Scheduled  Log-Book Servicing

  Scheduled log book services can be carried out by us. Even if your car is still quite new and still under warranty, you can still have it serviced by any qualified mechanic or service centre without voiding your new car warranty.

A service at the dealer’s workshop will typically cost you more than we would charge at Goodwins.

Driving Off-Island?

  If you are planning a long trip soon, perhaps a family holiday, you will not want to spend any time in a garage or arguing about insurance details.

Buying Second Hand? 

  Make sure you are not purchasing a headache! Bring your proposed purchase to us BEFORE you buy it.

Warned for DVS? 

  If you are worried about an older vehicle possibly not passing a DVLS check, then bring it to us first. Traffic Police in Jersey are increasingly ordering DVLS checks on older cars.

Preventive Maintenance

  Regular servicing is the key to maximising the value of your car. 

We know many of our customers well, so we keep an eye on their vehicles over time. With regular preventive maintenance and good record keeping we can often give advance warning of avoidable expense.

   Bringing your car to Goodwins will:

* Keep your car working safely
* Save you money at the pump
* Extend the life of your vehicle
* Maximise resale value
* Help to maintain your new car warranty

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