We are a full service garage.

We have a very good team of technicians with a wealth of experience on all types of modern vehicle systems including EV

We offer: 

All Repairs
All Services including:

   *  Air Conditioning
   *  Brake & Clutch Overhaul
   *  Electrical Work
   *  Diagnostics 

   *  Engine Tuning & ECU Re-maps


We constantly invest and update our diagnostic software and equipment in line with the manufacturers' current information.

Faults in engine management systems require scan tools running the latest software from the manufacturer.

  Engine Tuning & ECU Re-maps

We offer a remap tuning solution for petrol and diesel cars. This can be done to either improve fuel economy, to increase performance, or both.

Your car can run more smoothly and with better fuel economy by altering the software within your vehicle's ECU (engine control unit)

For detailed information about these savings in relation to your own vehicle please click the TopGear image link below.

ECU Remapping is a safe process. It allows the engine to perform as it should without manufacturers' compromises for different climates, countries and legislation.

The practice of remapping is to read the ECU’s processor of a vehicle’s standard map and then to adjust various parameters within that map.

As an example: fuel pressure, boost pressure (turbocharged engines) and ignition advance. When carried out correctly, this process will improve performance.

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